Understanding how manipulators control your mind and make you do what they want.

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1. PART 1

These techniques are applied to different personalities after assessment by the predator; they are not necessarily uniform to everyone. The techniques have also always undergone numerous modifications by dark psychologists to suit different situations. Politicians, for instance, use prevailing economic and political situations to come up with new tricks to lure voters. Black magicians and cultists, on the other hand, use the most current tragedies to instill fear in their subjects. The techniques are also unique to different communities and cultures. Dark psychologists are experts in applying specific tactics to suit their interests.


Psychopaths will always mislead their target in virtually every way. These lies start right from things about their personal lives to their beliefs and convictions. Once they lie to you, you will get confused and end up taking a different route of reasoning. They then use this gap in your reasoning to manipulate you in a way that serves their interests. When a lie is told over and over again, it gradually transforms into a half-truth before finally appearing like a ‘truth' to the victim. To get the lie this far, a dark psychologist will ensure consistency in their lying.


A manipulator will not give you the whole story. They make sure that every piece of information they give is lacking the fundamental gist. You won't be able to extract any sensibility from the story. This creates a perfect environment for them to feed you manipulative ideas, ideas that comprise many half-truths or no truth at all. Their stories and ideas are also incoherent. It will take you a lot of time trying to reconstruct the many pieces of information to come up with a story that makes sense. This becomes a delaying tactic as well as a distraction from the main objective by the manipulator.

Feigning Love

Psychopaths and narcissists will go on a charm offensive to lure their victims into thinking that they have their best interests at heart. Anybody would naturally relax in such a relationship and their reasoning is reduced. A level of trust is also built. This reduces objection and resistance by the victim. If someone starts warming towards you for no apparent reason, just know that they are after something. It is a ticking time-bomb that will destroy you. Look out for suspicious affection by someone you barely know or by someone that has not been all that nice before. Normally, they will use and dump you in the most inhumane way immediately their objective is met. It will go as fast as it came.

Unpredictable Moods

Manipulators normally have varying moods as dictated by their predetermined goals. Sometimes these mood swings are so weird that they not change within short intervals but also have extremities. One minute they are very happy and the next one they will be bursting with anger. Surprisingly, these mood swings are deliberate; it is nothing close to their personality. This is a technique they use to put you off balance. Once they get you started on the wrong foot, it will be difficult for you to detect their next move. Usually, you will find them in their real mood but it suddenly changes to suit the situation, the ideal situation they plan to manipulate you in.


A manipulator will deny anything that raises eyebrows about their intention. They will assure you that such a thing will never happen. The denial comes every time you t5alk about the possibility of a negative outcome. If they plan to include you in a dubious business deal, for instance, they will keep refusing the fact that anything might go wrong. They will tell you that nothing wrong will happen whatsoever even when you know it is obvious things don't always go as planned.


A psychopath sometimes goes to the extent of forcing you to do what they want in an indirect way and warning of the consequences of not doing it. Their tone is characterized by a lot of nagging, shouting and begging. If the situation is dire, they might even resort to physical violence or threaten to use violence. This is normally a desperate measure they apply when they sense that their plan might hit a dead end. Once their target feels threatened, they start doing things out of fear rather than being driven by conscience. This allows the manipulator to exploit that missing link in reasoning to their advantage.

False Accusations

A predator will insinuate that everything that goes wrong is your fault. They will also find fault in virtually everything you do. This is a strategy meant to tear you apart. You will likely end up losing your self-esteem and have feelings of guilt. Again, they have thrown you off balance. They will then create an illusion of perfection on their part. This way, everything they suggest will have a free pass since they have killed the possibility of objection.

Spinning the Truth

Manipulators are experts when it comes to spinning the truth. They will manipulate and twist facts for their benefit. At face value, what they tell you to look like the truth but when you read between the lines, you will notice missing links. They deliberately do this to minimize your level of a grasp on the issue at hand. They also do this as a way of disguising bad behavior. Having succeeded in keeping you in the dark, your mind will be theirs to manipulate at will. Even when you manage to uncover the truth by yourself, they will still have a way of poking holes in it to align it with their version.


Manipulators will deliberately put themselves at a disadvantage when it comes to the level of the grasp of the information. They do this by making errors in their reasoning, just to provoke a reaction from you. If you give a correct line of reasoning about the subject matter, they will taint it with their crooked thinking and that is when your good thinking starts degenerating to their ‘level'. They will then manipulate you without a trickle of sweat since you are not the thinker you were a while ago.

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